2023.2.9 Paper published.

"Genome Sequence and Analysis of Nicotiana benthamiana,the Model Plant for Interactions between Organisms." was published from Plant and Cell Physiology.

2023.9.6 Gene expression profiles & analytic tools opened.

"Establishing a comprehensive web-based analysis platform for Nicotiana benthamiana genome and transcriptome." was published from BioRxiv.


High-load services are restricted due to frequent server downtime.

2024.3.5 Update version 1.1

Scaffolds s00010 to s00210 were reorganized into chr01 to chr19.

2024.4.24 Some service is temporarily unavailable.

Due to incomplete gff3 files in v1.1, some service has been temporarily suspended.
Those who have performed RNA-seq mapping using the v1.1 gff3 file as a reference may have incorrect results. We recommend that you wait for the update and perform the analysis again. There is no error in v1.

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